Test Facilities

Loughborough University Tribodynamics Laboratory

The Tribodynamics Laboratory with floor area of 250 m2 comprising (main items):

  • A long wheel-base light truck drive train system with programmable electric drive and IMO controller.
  • In-house designed spur and helical gear pair rigs for demonstrating gear rattle.
  • In-house designed and developed precision slider-bearing rig for measurement of friction with sensitivity of 0.1 N (with an almost frictionless floating plate arrangement with piezo-electric load cells).  The machine is mounted on a 5m x 2m state of the art optical table.
  • Precision routing spindle bearing systems, including a 7.5 KW power demonstrator router with ceramic back-to-back bearing setting for dry machining of non-ferrous abrasive substrates (maximum speed of 25000 rpm with grease lubricated bearings or 40000 rpm with lubricant recirculation cooling).
  • Industry-standard engine 32 m2 test cells.
  • In-house developed modular floating liner for direct measurement of in-cylinder friction with replaceable liner insert technology.
  • A variety of precision metrological devices, including Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), white light interferometry (Zygo and Alicona) and precision CMM.
  • A state of the art ROTEC / VISPIRON system to measure gear transmission error.
  • A variety of vibration measurement devices: single and tri-axial accelerometers, single and double-beam laser vibrometers and microphones.